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SRM Joinery Finishes

The beauty of timber has been appreciated throughout the centuries. Today there are many pressures on what is a declining resource. At SRM we take great care in acquiring our materials. We look for timber that carries the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo, confirming that it originated from a sustainable source. The choice of which particular timber to use will very much depend upon the desired effect. Colour and grain pattern vary not only from species to species but also from tree to tree. Temperate or tropical, soft or hard wood – many factors determine the timber’s appearance.

Our veneering company is able to hand pick the veneer leafs and lay them to our clients’ wishes.

The finished product may be left in its natural state, as with Cedar of Lebanon drawer bottoms and cupboard panels. However, a finish is normally required to protect the timber and to enhance its natural qualities. What application the timber and/or veneer receives will alter how the light reflects from it and hence what its final appearance will be like.

The lustre may vary from dead flat to high gloss, this may be achieved through a range of applications from the traditional oils, waxes and shellac polishes to more modern acid catalyst, polyurethane and polyester lacquers. Items may receive a spray paint or tinted lacquer coat or may receive a specialist hand painted finish.